Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Trip to Legoland - Part 1

This is actually unplanned trip...when i renewed my car road tax, i got legoland voucher from the insurance company that valid for a year..
So, one weekend hubby asked what is our planning this week..and I said let's travel..
The next thing we knew, we were already in JB after 6 hours drive..
We reached around 6pm..off for some shopping in JPO..then had dinner at Stulang..
Later, search for hotels near to Nusa Jaya..
There's a few budget hotel but full house...
At last we managed to get last room in one of the Boutique Hotel, though the room is small for a price of RM120 but quite comfortable..

The next day, after breakfast we headed straight to Legoland...
One of my school friend is working here but because it was unplanned trip, didn't get opportunity to meet her..
Lucky enough, the weather was hot and sunny through the day...really really hot I must say..not much shades yet..the most item we bought inside Legoland is drinks...

Dont forget to take the Legoland Map at the entrance..it will be a good guidance..
We took like hundreds of pictures...every single thing...
We spend almost the whole day there..starts from 10am till 4pm..

There is a few separate sections and games, but you can see many lego builds anywhere anyplace in it...So, enjoy the pictures..