Monday, August 12, 2013

Milwaukee Steak Corner

Milwaukee Steak Corner in Balakong, Selangor...
I have tried many local western food  restaurant around kajang, bangi and cheras..and usually for first time i will order steak, either sirloin or rib eye will be my favourite..
But most of the restaurant disappointing me..even i have told them that i like my steak to be medium rare..and each time i will get well-done meat..not juicy and some time hard to chew..
To be franked, i ni memang skeptical sikit tentang local western food restaurant sebab most of them not really understand the art of cooking good steak..but i like to try those local restaurant..bagi support la konon..takkan everytime nak makan kat TGIF kan...

Ada sekali tu satu restoran di Bangi, dalam menu tulis served with mashed potato..dah teruja sebab jarang kan ada restoran hidangkan mashed potato. tapi bila sampai depan mata, it was baked potato!! Bila tanya waiter tu, selumber je cakap memang serve macam ni..duh!! Rasa nak masuk dapur jumpa tukang masak tu..mashed and baked potato tu dua benda berlainan kot.. the menu said mashed, so i expected it to be mashed not baked!!! Stupid chef..

But last week so happen lalu Balakong nampak Milwaukee, memandangkan dalam bulan puasa ni belum lagi makan kat luar, Mr hubby cadangkan we try this restaurant..cadangan yang diterima tanpa bantahan langsung..

But in the end, tidak mendukacitakan...the meat was grilled to my expectation. I requested for medium rare and i got medium rare..lembut and juicy..Love it so much, the juice flow out when cutting the steak..
So now enjoy the pictures...

Menu list for steak

Menu List for Lamb..and they also have ostrich

Baked Cheesy Lobster

Milwaukee Wild Mushroom Soup served in a Rye bread bowl. It is awesome! 


Every meal served with potato, salad, baby carrot, shitake mushrooms, baby tomato and strawberry

Hubby's ~ Lamb Shoulder

Well done ~ not to my liking but his..

Can choose either mushroom or black pepper sauce

My Sirloin Steak

With Mushroom Sauce

Medium Rare!!

Just the way i like my steak to be...

They also have other menu like chicken, ostrich, seafood, pasta, salad, appetizer..quite a lot of variety..

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