Monday, April 14, 2014

Jalan Alor, Kuala Lumpur

For those food lovers, especially if you look for good sea food dishes, Jalan Alor is one favourite place to dine out..famous not only for Malaysians but also for foreigners.. a real street food ambience..a fantastic street food fiesta..

There are many restaurants along the road selling quite variety and choices..
This time we choose Meng Kiat Grilled Fish Restaurant which is famous for its stingray grilled..
Though we skipped the grilled fish this time but our table still full of other dishes..
Our menu for the night ~ Char Kue Teow, Black Pepper Mud Crab, Kam Cheong Lala, Butter Fried Squid, and Fried Baby Kailan..

I must say the crab is my favourite!!!
Looks a lot for two people, right? Oh yes, we finished it all..
Total damage include 2 cokes and a glass of chinese tea is RM160

Char Kue Teow

Table full of fantastic food..

Kam Cheong Lala

Baby Kailan

Butter Squid

Mouthwatering dish

Black Pepper Crab
the final damage

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