Thursday, October 25, 2012

3Rd Anniversary Celebration

For our 3rd Anniversary, we had our diner at Coliseum Cafe, Jalan Tunku ABdul Rahman...

We all sampai dalam pukul 9 pm macam tu and tak ramai orang...APa yang I observed, most people yang datang situ more to chillax...

So, this is what we ordered:

For appetizer: Prawns Salad :

Hainan Bread, Mushroom soup with bun:

Main Dish For me : Sirloin Steak

For Dear, Beef Rib:

Overall, the food was steak was grilled the way i like it..and mushroom soup is so home made taste...

Price: reasonable and affordable..
Definitely a choice to come again...

The ambience: 

The loving couple:

The anniversary gift: Pink Marks and Spencer Sweater
Well, actually i wish to have Winter Coat, but my dear said," Nak buat ape? Buat kat Malaysia ni ada salji pun..."..ok, at least something than nothing kan...but love it so much because it is PINK!

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