Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mee Udang Kuala Sepetang

Mee Udang Kuala Sepetang is one of the famous mee udang in Malaysia besides Mee Udang Sungai Dua.
So, during our Le Tour De Perak, of course this is a must go place on our list. Actually, I know about this famous mee udang from my classmate in UKM, Zul (oh yes, for us he is the guru of food).

If u happened to be in Kuala Sepetang @ Port Weld (history here), u can see quite a numbers of stall selling mee udang mushrooming along the road side..but we only aim to the famous Salleh Stall... i think the Mee Udang Kuala Sepetang originated from Salleh Stall.

We ordered a plate of kueteow goreng udang and of course the mee udang... the taste..SUPERB!! .the prawns are quite big and juicy and it tastes fresh (not like the one i always bought in Tesco~definitely different taste). Especially the fried kueteow, i must it is the best in the world... But for the fried kueteow, the prawns are smaller type.

Salleh Stall Fried Kueteow
Salleh Stall Mee Udang

Next, we headed to the next famous mee udang of Kuala Sepetang which is Warong Mak Teh Mee Udang Banjir. We knew this spot from JJCM.
As we are still full from the food of Salleh Stall, so we ordered only a bowl to share. There is two types of Mee Udang served here ~ udang laut and udang sangkar...SO, we choose udang laut.
There is about 10 prawns in it, and the size is about the spoon size.The gravy is thicker than the one in Salleh Stall but both are uncomparison cause each has its own specialty taste.
Except. as its name (mee udang banjir~ u hardly find the mee than the prawns). Its like a udang with kuah and wise dish mee (if u understand what i mean)

Mee Udang Banjir

Actually there is another famous and well known Mee udang Stall which is Mee Udang Mak Jah but we are too full to have another plate. Maysbe some other time when we come here. Done..off to Muzium Matang a.k.a Kota Ngah Ibrahim

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